Smart Office App

Our smart office app can work on both offices with an existing building automation system or a standalone local system. To empower office tenants, our solution helps shift the device control away from building managers. With smart office, you can define the workspace into different zones according to the layout and seating plan, you can also allow each employee to control lighting and A/C with our smartphone app. Our A.I. system is designed to understand your feeling. Tell our system your preference via the smartphone app, then our system will pick the best temperature for you in the future use!

Key Features

  • Existing lighting, A/C, motorized blinds & windows connect with our smart hardware and become Internet accessible (IoT)

  • IoT-enabled device connect with our 24/7 Cloud-based system, for each device, you can manage who and what to control

  • Users can control and monitor their devices using our smartphone app

Energy Management - Enermon

EnerMon is a cloud-based energy management system that provides comprehensive information for organization's building energy consumption. It provides you with a multi-dimensional view for analyzing the variations of your energy bills with user-specified categories. The system is highly configurable which enables flexibility and scalability for visualizing your building energy consumption. With EnerMon, you can understand where energy is being consumed, which enables building managers to optimize the energy performance of your building equipment, such as chillers, water pumps and lighting services.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based architecture with different selective modules

  • Data acquisition from a variety of data sources

  • Energy dashboard with multi-dimensional views

  • Reporting tools, customizable charts & tables

  • Carbon footprint & energy profile

  • Set up KPI for building performance

IoT Hardware - Piazza

Our IoT hardware is designed to connect with your traditional equipment and turn it into a smart device. It is equipped with Wi-Fi & ZigBee, which can interface with building automation system directly using standard communication protocols like Modbus (TCP & RTU) & BACnet (IP & MS/TP). It is possible for you to form an IoT network so that you can orchestrate the devices concurrently and carry out different applications with our smartphone app.

Piazza can connect with your electrical appliances and even building equipment. For example, it can connect with your power meters and automates the data acquisition process through cloud. It is also designed to work in conjunction with the building automation system, and provides Web API for the development of other applications.