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Buildings IoT The Cloud

Combining IoT hardware, cloud computing and advanced data analytics, MEGA Automation brings people-centric solutions for smarter and greener interaction with building facilities. We supply, install, customize and support our products for your convenience.

Commercial Building

Work smart, not hard together with MEGA's smart office system. We focus on maximizing comfort levels and productivity in the workplace by implementing state-of-the-art IoT solutions such as automatic thermal regulation, easy and adjustable lighting, facility booking, energy-consumption analytics, security controls and many more.

Residential Building

Homeowners can now enjoy extensive benefits of home automation with our smart home solutions that provide appliance controls, auto-sensing adjustments, voice commands and 24/7 real-time monitoring by integrating all existing and any new devices you might have into one easily manageable app.


We offer cutting-edge solutions to hotel owners, taking hospitality to the next level to achieve better guest experience, as well as streamlining hotel management processes. IoT applications enable hotel guests to enjoy customizable room settings all at the touch of fingertips.

School Campus

Teach your students about sustainability, Internet-of-Things, and energy management by implementing our smart school solution. The learning process for your students will be transformed with the opportunity to analyze and learn from real-time energy consumption and sensor data. Our solution also allows you to equip your students with basic coding skills and IoT understanding to solve real world problems.

Energy Management

Meet your sustainability milestones with our advanced analytical platform for energy data mining and management solutions. The platform allows clients to benefit from customizable energy consumption reports both for in-house usage and government reporting, cost-effective energy usage, timely tracking of corporate KPI, compliance with legal requirements and improved building efficiency.

LoRaWAN Smart Theromstat

The smart thermostat integrates the latest wireless communication technology LoRaWAN (AS923), which provides capability for centralized control without modifying the existing building infrastructure. The device can regularly report the running status of the air conditioner and remotely control the switch, mode and temperature set point.

Commercial Building
Residential Building
School Campus
Energy Management
LoRaWAN Smart Theromstat

Client Success Stories

Our client has been a trusted property developer in Hong Kong and Mainland China for 40 years, and they have been increasingly prioritizing sustainability, health and well-being in the workplace. In collaboration with our team...
In cooperation with Hong Kong's major residential property developer, we are implementing the Residential Building Solution for more than 1,500 flat units in Hong Kong. The system consists of three mo...
For one of Asia’s leading property developers, sustainable development is the centre of their business philosophy and company culture. To achieve our client's sustainable development goals, we have implemented a cloud-based Smart Energy Management System for acquiring...
Located right in the heart of Wanchai and designed to ensure a comfortable stay, the hotel has become even more convenient and enjoyable than before by implementing state-of-the-art solutions in the hospitality industry together with MEGA Automation...
Commerical Building
Residential Complex
Energy Management

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